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For more than 25 years, McCormack & Phillips has proudly served the Hudson River Valley area in family law practice areas including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony (maintenance) and prenuptial agreements. Many clients rely on our in-depth knowledge of complex family law matters, such as retirement accounts in asset division, parental alienation allegations and domestic partnerships.

Contact us in Nyack, New York, to schedule a consultation. We have ushered thousands of clients through the challenges associated with marital dissolution and other family law problems.

Sometimes Divorce Is the Answer

If couples (or individual spouses) are undecided as to whether they really want a divorce, we advise them that divorce is not yet the right solution for them. But when other remedies have been ruled out, and one or both parties accept the inevitability of divorce, the need for qualified legal counsel cannot be overstated. This is true for all income levels, but perhaps especially so in a high-net-worth divorce, with all-important matters to deal with such as business valuations, the multitude of forms of assets and uncovering hidden assets.

Children, Property, Present and Future Needs of Spouses

Child custody and child support are typically the greatest concerns when there are minor children of the marriage. The importance of the children's monetary and emotional needs to their security cannot be overstated. McCormack & Phillips, Attorneys at Law, understand that equitable division of property and debts, full accounting of assets, tax consequences, insurance, investments and retirement needs, careful consideration of any need for spousal maintenance, and cost-effectiveness of legal representation are also important to our clients.

Collaborative Law

When an unhappy marriage is headed for break-up, each spouse has concerns that need to be addressed. The marital strife that has brought the couple to the point of divorce has been a worrisome experience and has caused considerable stress and uncertainty. Many times the couple is looking for an alternate dispute resolution format.

When both parties can be fair and responsible during the divorce process, collaborative law may be a desirable approach. This not only reduces the ultimate cost, but also keeps the entire proceeding in a private and confidential manner.


In certain circumstances, post-decree modifications may be necessary — for example, when one ex-spouse (or parent) or the other has had a major change in circumstances (income, disability, location). We advise and assist clients with appropriate changes to court decrees regarding child custody, maintenance / alimony or child support.

The agreement or judgement a client has obtained came after difficult reflection, negotiation and compromise. When one or another party to the agreement fails to do what they promised, McCormick & Phillips are ready to advise and assist in getting you what you bargained for.

Prenuptial Agreements as "Insurance"

Often, individuals or couples who are engaged approach our law firm to discuss prenuptial agreements. We highly recommend prenups as a form of "insurance" against unexpected changes ahead.

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