boys from the other side of the tracks

his knife from his pocket and began cutting her shirt from her body he admired her curvacious body and reached round to feel her large breats feeling her hard nipples and with his other hand pulling her underwear from her body. she had a small tuft of pussy hair but he didnt mind he drewled and moaned at the site of her body. he lowered his head

Weekend with Carleigh

her wet pussy. Spurt after spurt filled her, until my balls were drained. After our mutual orgasm she rolled over on her side and I dropped to the bed next to her, my now shrinking cock still inside her. As we lay there facing each other, kissing, our breath slowed down to a more normal pace. Kissing her softly, my tongue exploring the depths of

Punked By Nextdoor Neighbor

face into it as Kevin grabbed me by the hips and went to town. I was using my elbows on the ground for leverage and was violently thrusting back to him as he rocked me back and forth on his cock. ‘AHHHHH! Kevin fuck me. I want you to fuck me until you cum! Yeah Kevin, pump your load right in me! AHHH! UGH! AHHH! AHHH!’ As he was fucking me he

Wild Cat Ch. 02

young girl, and wiped the tears from her face away. ‘Imagine it’s your coronation, you’re going to your throne and these are your people. You are a princess, remember, so act like one.’ The guard returned, reaching to grab her arm. Juniper just looked at him with disdain, and whatever he saw in her eyes made him falter. She stepped forward into

Hard Rock Parking Lot

mouth, I noticed the nice shape and size and the upward turn towards his belly that I hadn't noticed in my frenzy and nervousness the last time. This time he was hornier than hell and told me, “I haven't shot a load for four or five days.” I sucked his cock from its head to his balls for about five minutes, and then he stiffened up, moaned,

Freshman year, second quarter

runners frame was next to nothing compared to his physique. The broad shoulders, sexy chest, tight ass... I could feel my dick perk up and my heart race."I suppose maybe just take me from behind. That's the simplest."I got on my hands and knees in the center of our dorm room. "Hey, maybe put on some music. Something loud." Mark obliged and

making a bad situation worse part 2

lenght of it but i am getting it off my chest . all of it, the sex and even the parts that make me look like a perfect basterd                  On leaving home  i was a mess i had things to set before leaving , I called the airline to book myself on a later flight , there was one at 1,25 pm , that was fine it is a one hour flight and i was not

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt20

of light. I couldnt help myself when my orgasm started. I pulled my hands from behind my back, grasp on to the legs on either side of my head, pulled my face into the pussy I had been eating and screamed at the top of my lungs. My back arched and I fired, blasting a huge load of sperm up into my rider. All I could hear was my heart pounding in my

Weekend With Mom

you!" she giggled. After a while, she said,"You taste salty.""Yeah?"She nodded, smiling."You ready for more?" she asked. Some minutes had passed. My cock gets sensitive after doing it. And takes a while to recover. "I...I don't know, mom...I guess.""Come here. Give me your cock."She was lying in bed - her face to one side. I went on my knees on

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 04

nearly half the bottle. She was drunk and all the worries about being kidnapped and held seemed to have been blurred away into the adventure that Patrick had told her to look at it like. Patrick sat watching her, a smile on his face, and a very masculine awareness to being alone with a beautiful woman who was so obviously drunk and under his

An Escort With A Twist

the look of her face she seemed to be around 45 years old. She was fair-skinned with a very sensual red lipstick. Her body was not of the caliber I usually find on the Internet, but I realized that sometimes it’s not just how a woman looks but also how she uses what she has. She was not thin by any means but carried herself well. Her legs were


translated into a tingly moistening in her cunt, it didn’t really bother her.Mister Hendricks knew a great deal about all sorts of things, from aluminum cowlings to the different shapes and varieties of women’s tits, cunts and assholes and when he’d had a few drinks he would happily expound on any one of those subjects, whether it was the

One Night Only, Chapter Two

hands, the taste of his lips, the sound of his voice.  I honestly had fooled myself into believing that I could just have one night of passion with him and then go back to my life. One night I had come to the point of making up my mind that I was going to call him and set up another meeting. I didn’t care about the risk I was taking or the

My Cousins Birthday

on the floor. First her yoga pants, she had a light blue thong on which she left on. She pulled her shirt off and undid her bra and dropped them to the floor and then she turned around to admire herself in the mirror, man she was hot. As I watched, I felt a sudden stir in my shorts as my dick began to get hard. It was such a turn on watching my

Futa Naked In School 11 - Futa Bully's Naughty Week 3: Shelena's Futa Passions Grow

my face. Just because she was a nerd that dressed so old-fashioned didn't mean she wasn't a passionate lover. That she didn't have heat burning inside of her.That she wasn't someone who made me feel like a better person. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FridayThe school day was over. I was done being in the Program.The president waited outside the

My Slut Vivien, 2

my submissive slut. She was dressed only in a garter belt and black seamed stockings, and decorated in plastic pink and blue clothes pins — one on each nipple, and eight decorating her pussy.‘Oh, don’t You look so lovely my Slut Vivien. I just love how You pull against your bonds, and squirm like the slut you are. Tell me!’‘Oh master A, I’m Your

The Contract Ch. 02

some of the Council elders have been communicating with the moon goddess, Luna, she needs us to help find her son, he is the only child she has, and the only one she will be able to have. He went missing around the time of the last Great War with the vampires. The European Council of Wolves has been tasked with finding him and returning him to

My First Pet (After Dinner)

hearing from readers. This is continued from my first story ‘My First Pet’ and follows from where that left off. Again, please give any comments and I hope you enjoy. After what had happened a few moments ago, I was almost dancing round the kitchen as I prepared dinner. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe things had gone as well as they had. My

Daughter's Horny Urges - 6

now, she yanked down his pants and reached for his cock as it sprang free. It aimed up and out as her father stood in front of her with his pants down around his ankles.The heat of his cock burned into her hand. Grasping it firmly, she felt of its satiny smoothness. With a sharp intake of breath, she imagined it in her mouth, the nine inches of

Innocence Taken part 2

it off but there would be no washing… not anytime soon. Still blind folded, I heard him pull another tube sock from his drawer. He wrapped this one around my mouth and tied it in the back. He grabbed me by the arms and threw me onto the bed, face down. He pulled more socks from his drawer, tying each of my hands to the bed post with my face down


My fingers began working my pussy for my lover but not for too long because I wanted him to taste me. I removed my finger and rubbed his lips with my juices and told him to lick his lips then I slipped my finger into his mouth for him to suck on. I sat in one corner and spread my legs wide still playing with myself for my lover. He moved my hand

Twinning 2

head on my chest. I kiss her forehead and let her sleep there, with my throbbing dick in her quivering pussy. I cover us with the blanket and I fall asleep shortly afterwards, dreaming of the next time we will

Family Affairs Ch. 45

notice. When they were finished, Matt collected the assorted detritus from the meal, picked it up, and carried it to the trash can. ‘What about you, Mom?’ Rick asked. ‘What about me?’ Mary replied. ‘You’re still young and pretty,’ her son said. ‘Are you going to start dating again?’ Matt missed the waste basket and the paper scrap scattered on

This One Time at Diabetic Camp Part 2

trails, lighted tennis court, lighted roller hockey court, lighted softball diamond, sand volleyball court, skate park, challenge course, paintball course, zip line, campfire area and an FCC licensed FM radio station. It is the only Camp in the Country that owns and operates a FCC radio station. A beautiful 34-acre lake stocked with fish and

I’m Still in Love – First Steps

know how she feels but I assume she does feel the same way. I love her and I can’t have her. It is killing me a little more every day. People say it will fade and I know it will but I also know that when I turn 50 or 60 if I was to see her I would crumble. I would fall as madly in love as I am right now. I love you. We were just friends. Our kids

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 01

to her, glancing at her from time to time. He noticed her eyes start to glaze and told her he’d be right back. No sense hanging around in the room where she might get suspicious and react before the drug kicked in. He left the room and went downstairs, unlocking the hidden door to his lab. He walked back upstairs and into the room, finding Amber

The Journal

focusing on the movie. Nick starting to play with my hair and his hands slipped down my top. He was rubbing my back. I wasn't wearing a bra and his fingers started to fiddle with my breasts. His other hand was moving my skirt further up my thigh. His hands were on my panties. His one hand was playing with my tits and his other hand was rubbing

Mommy an Daddy..Part 2

giggling, he told me to go potty and come back when I was done. After I wiped, I noticed some sticky stuff on the toilet paper, I finished up and ran back to their bedroom. I told daddy, there sticky stuff coming out of my coochie. He just laughed and told me Id understand it more when I got my surprise. Mommy walked back in the room, still in

Snow Storm III - Conference Seduction

before I stood back up.I stood facing him and slowly unzipped the side of my skirt. It slid off and I was totally naked except for a necklace my husband had given me for my 34th birthday. I had forgotten to take if off when I went down for a drink and I didn't want to draw attention to it by taking it off now. I don't think Paul had ever seen me

A Mad Desire to Fuck – Chapter 2

to be a secret, and if they knew that a local college student had seen them indulge in their carnal desires…well, I didn’t know what the consequences would be.  I walked back to campus, thinking about what I just saw. I was pretty sure that I saw something I shouldn’t have seen. The people were fucking so wildly in that angelic white house that

Leben 5

German soldiers! Where in the hell am I? One of the male teens chopped a guard and tried to escape but was gunned down a moment later in the hallway.An older looking man addressed those left, “I’d advise against trying that again unless you all wish to die. No? Good, then we understand each other.” Funny Alan thought four of them looked like


the lifetime of trust her parents had in me. I moved my right hand from her chest and caressed her fluttering stomach as I moved over her body to her legs. I rested my hand on her slender calf just below the knee and squeezed gently. Again the sparks flaring in her eyes let me know she was okay with my move. She was wearing shorts so her bare

Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Emma

on tenterhooks as she had a schoolgirl crush on the 24-year-old teacher. Worse though, was that Miss Bentner had caught her and two friends drinking on school premises and had given them all a detention. Miss Bentner had promised Emma an additional punishment when she called to discuss discipline with her mum. There was a knock on the door. Right

Solstices Obscurity ‘Nightfall’ Ch. 04

from the rubble, clothes I looted from the dead, and a single loaf of black bread I left that burning city of my captivity. ‘Can’t say I didn’t look back.’ No, oh no. I looked back. Looked back and smiled to see those high towers topple, the golden domes falling to shatter upon scorched paving stones. Smiled to see the black, oily smoke rising

Worth The Wait – Chapter One – Before...

I walk over to him and kiss him gently, tracing my tongue over his lips. He grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me towards him. He kisses me harder whilst edging me backwards, stopping when my back is against the wall. He moves away from me slightly, removing his jacket and throwing it across the room.“Do you like this top?” He asked, pointing

A day in the life of Tenzen Aono

and said "I've loved you since I was 11… and I want to prove it… I don't care if it's wrong. I want you, bro. And I'd be the happiest girl if you tell me you feel the same………" I said "Why the hell wouldn't I?" with a smile. She said "I love you…" and undid my belt. I was on Cloud 9 before she even did anything. I just kept thinking,"This is

My downward spiral to a becoming a slut Chapter 9 Nightmares or reality

the floor ashamed and pulled the covers back off me and sat up slowly and headed to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom I wanted nothing more then a hot shower and I was standing in there feeling so tired when I heard my mother call to me, Tori, are you okay. Yeah, I replied. Well youve been in there quite a while and its 3:30 AM, she said.

A tale of the other world.

seems to be of reason?" "Basically. And what gets me is. My sister complains about the sillies, trivial stuff. Like boys and cars and money." "Cars?" "Yeah. Cars and trucks." I got my wallet out and showed her my old 1995 ford. "Wow! I love these…cars.." "Shes my baby. I love that truck..too bad shes gone and im here. I dropped my wallet and a

Allie and I re-connect on Facebook

a break from each other. He moved out, she kept the kids...two boys, 6 and 4...and tried to figure out what to do next. I offered my condolences and best wishes when it happened..."Would you like to meet for a drink? I'd love to see you again and all this typing gets to me after a while" she said. I agreed and we chose to meet that weekend at

Meeting Hannah

group he belongs to at the library and their monthly guest speaker series. Each member arranges an evening and so he urged me to come to New York and give a reading. First, I said no I didn’t want to deal with all the hustle and bustle of New York and I had my garden and other reasons I shouldn’t go, but then remembered a philosophy of mine to

A Get-Away Weekend – Part 4

lover,” I called back. “I’ll just lie down here and wait for you.” In less than five minutes I was asleep. I didn’t wake up until you kissed me softy and said, “Hi baby. Wouldn’t you like to take a shower before dinner? It’s almost six now so you need to move along.” I opened my eyes and saw that you had been sleeping beside me and I was still a

My Friend, Staci

that has all that shit on it for easy use. I pull up and park. Getting out, I pulled my hem down a little. We walk immediately to the front of the line and I see that it is Tank at the ropes again. My favorite bouncer! He was eying us, so we both slowly turned around. He laughed, smacked my ass, and told us to have fun. Hearing the groans of

Two Lost Souls 2

She smiled up at him, glad he approved of her new look. He left the stockings and the high heels on, another sexy, yet slutty look that he loved.He pushed her gently so she would lay down, and got between her legs. He leaned over and kissed her hard. Moaning in his mouth, she let her tongue get crazy with his. After a brief encounter, he started

Ranchland - (The real) Chapter 3

call me when you come through Cochrane, and I’ll have supper waiting when you get here” Ben told her.“Thanks, Uncle Ben, but what I have in mind tastes better than supper! It’s all I’ve been able to think of since I left Grasslands! My panties are so fucking wet, they’re sticking to my pussy!” Amy growled lustfully.“Oh really? You think I’ve been

Waiting and Watching

him and she again stares off lost in her thoughts what they are. I trace the delicate line of her cheek as time seems to stand still. Closing my eyes I lose myself to my own imagination of how soft and warm her skin is to the touch. I think back over my life and dream for just a moment of a life with someone that loves me as deeply as I love

Beyond The Badge, Chapter 2

to my daughter. Becky's lips met mine and I tasted her for the first time. I had never tasted anything so sweet in my life. She held me close and moaned softly in my mouth.Apparently, it had been a long time since she felt a real connection to anyone as well. She felt so wonderful, her soft warmth pressed up against me and her already hardening

My Wife And The Ebony God - Part 1

by a snake. She can’t take her eyes away from it. I see her swallow repeatedly. She turns to me and says, “Juan, this is enough sun for me today. Let’s go back.” She retrieves the top of her bathing suit, puts it back on and wraps the towel around her hips. As we walk back to the villa, she is very silent. I ask her what is wrong and she just

Family of whores: Alice gets fucked

laying on her bedroom floor with her legs spread fucking a long shiny thin dildo into her wet shaven cunt hole. From the way she was sprawled out her head was farthest into the room and her sex on full display toward her open door.My dick instantly came alive and strained against my trousers. I took these of quietly and piled my clothes up on the

A Full Circle

but so far didn’t have anyone that really knew all that much about computers or the Internet, so it really hadn’t gotten off the ground. In fact, as I found out later, it wasn’t anything more than an idea in the Sheriff’s mind. (I should mention here that Erin was a deputy sheriff, working on the sexual assault team, and had been for several

Her Crush Day 02

It was the best sex she ever had. She hops out of bed and heads to the bathroom. She brushes her teeth while the shower was running. She likes when the water is so hot in the bathroom, it feels like a sauna. She pulls the shower curtain and steps in. The pressure of the shower head plus the heat was doing wonders for her body. She picks up her

Assistant Managers Decision

just after 4:30 in the morning. She too, stressed out by a recent financial situation involving her home woke up early, and went down to make some coffee. Once it was brewed, she poured a cup, and went outside on her porch to think it all over. Mary Beth Johnson was the co-owner of her house along with her husband of over 15 years. Sitting there

Falling Ch. 10

bowl sitting on the chair in front of me. ‘And what do we have here?’ ‘Nothing,’ I mumbled, sounding as guilty as I looked, I’m sure. ‘Just some trash.’ She leaned over and picked up the bowl, looking at it with interest. ‘Hair, and not your color, either. Whose hair is it, Linnea? Tell me.’ The habit of obedience was already too strong to resist

My young life

was Wayne. I would have sleepovers at his house. We would listen to music and talk about the kids we went to school with. We would play with other kids in the neighborhood. I would wear bras and panties while we did these things. I would change in his bathroom when getting ready for bed. I played it off as my being modest. I didn't know how he

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 11

the offer though.” She nodded and stepped forward closer to me. “I can understand that, Tre. I understand your reluctance. The power I am offering you has not been equaled in a very long time. The abilities I am offering you have been long unused. Accept my offer, Tre and take your place as the foremost of the Order.” I tensed slightly as she

The fun continues

control and face fucked me, after they had all cum I told Les to grab one of the dogs and I moved over to the bench.Les brought Jake in, his cock began to grow as he saw me laying on the bench, I wanted him to fuck me from the front, soon he began to lick my pussy lips from top to bottom, my fist good orgasm hit home as he drove his tongue in

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 01

school I was 6’2′, underweight, and lanky and I didn’t really do anything. No sports or clubs, I didn’t party or attend school events. Because of that I didn’t get particularly close to anybody but through a friend I met Ashlyn. Ashlyn was about 5’10’ with naturally blonde hair and 34D boobs. She was a cheerleader and one of the most popular

Ally and Caleb

the cock in her mouth, or when she would want it in her pussy. Her giggle sounded like the one when the guys dick was dig in her tight pussy and the girl would giggle to let her guy know she was enjoying it. We both walked inside our new house but nothing happened. Everything was normal. Ally sat on the couch and opened up a book that was resting

Beetlesmith’s Ch. 06

characterization, or plotting are clearly the fault of the author, and no other. Thank you again, Bella. You are the greatest! I should make note that barring something out of the ordinary, and unless stated otherwise, Bella will be editing all subsequent chapters until I finish this damnable tale. Those screams you may be hearing are most likely

When Angels Cum Chapter 3.1

it once and began sucking on her soft earlobe.“That tickles,” Rebecca giggled, brushing her cheek against his.Blaze moved to her sharp chin and kissed it. He sucked on it a little, and then sat back to look into Rebecca’s pink eyes. Her naturally puckered lips spurred in him a desire to plunder them.The passion in his eyes startled Rebecca, but

Tracy Meets Her Cyber Lover

just smiled and listened to Dylan.“You look more scrumptious than you did on cam.  You’re making Daddy very hot for you.  Is my kitten happy with her Daddy?”“I am.”Tracy wasn’t too sure about the whole thing.  He was much older than he said.  She didn’t want to come off as stuck up or anything.  She would just have an amazing night and probably

College Sexscapades

a senior was the tallest of the four girls and she and my buddy Vic hooked up right away for sex starting a two week fuck marathon that rattled the walls and shook the floor of our rental house. After that she and Vic had a fight and did not speak to one another for weeks. But one chick in that group of four stood out form the rest. That was

Horse High and Pig Tight

tears had streamed down his face as he told the story. He took a deep breath and then continued his story. ‘Now Bill spent the first half of the year building his Bois-de-arc wood fences and then in the second half of the year he’d mend fences. Each year people would wait for him to travel around to them so they could hire him to mend their

Innocents Pt. 01

appreciate you taking me in.’ Her voice was thick like she had a cold. ‘Least I can do. Now, I work security at the community college in Starkwood. I work rotating shifts there, so some days it’s eight to five, and sometimes I’m working the evening shift and weekends. If you have an emergency, you can call me at the college. Cell phone reception

Little Black Bikini

be denied. She grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me against her. She moaned as the feelings in her built. Over and over I heard, "Oh, please. Oh, please." And then, "Oh, fuuuuuuck." Orgasm took her. Sarah's legs clamped around my head. Her body heaved. She sat upright and clenched me to her. Spasms rocked her body. She trembled. She

An Unexpected Encounter

had an early flight, so I couldn't make it that late of a night. When we got there, she poured herself another glass of wine. She then picked up her cell phone, and called her daughter. She was asking about her grandson, who she had forgotten to call. During the conversation, she motioned to me to get undressed and get on the bed.She hung up the

Sex With My Mother

apart and her hands on my ass."It's not dirty is it darling.""You know it's not mum, it's beautiful, I'm making love to the most beautiful woman in the world.""Say what you're really doing, you know."I put my lips to her ear and whispered softly."I'm fucking you mum."She gasped and clutched me tighter."More darling.""I'm shagging my mother's

After Hours swim

Me: Yea, for sure, what?            Jason: Do you mind maybe calling the others and seeing whether they might be interested too? Me: Yea, okay. Jason: Alright, see you at 7 then? Me: okay, 7, yea, see you. Bye Jason: bye. Okay, well this is the part where I took the situation into my own hands. Remember how Jason told me to call

Driving Aunt Sue

regularly. There was hardly any crime here at all and the cheerful islanders did everything they could to make visitors welcome. The sun blazed down every day and only one law seemed to be enforced, which was that total nudity was not allowed in any bars or cafes. That didn't stop the local girls from wearing tiny scarf like dresses with nothing

All My Daddies Part 3 - Katie Tries Boys

dad is getting hornier and hornier. I gingerly caress his dick through his pants. "Like, I think it's good to learn about sex from someone more experienced. Like, um, if you, um, FUCKED ME, I know I'd learn much more than from high school boys." I kneel down, unzip him and take his dick in his mouth. He lasts a bit longer than Billy.Anyways,

Playing With Fire

doing real good...real good", he smiled. "Mr. Conrad. I don't know about this" I said softly "I think we should stop"He pulled his finger slowly from my mouth and began unbuttoning his shirt. He had seemed not to hear me. I lay there on the couch beneath him while he undressed. Once his shirt was off, I lookedhim over with my eyes. I could see

Kudzu Ch. 01

inexcusable for scientists to torture animals, let them make their experiments on lawyers and politicians’. It was a moderate sized class of about 30 people. The teacher, Mr. Murphy, was lecturing on a topic vaguely about something to do with chemicals and their interactions with people, while the seniors went all about their own business not

Black Men are Gods Ch. 09

hails from the Republic of Haiti, and I was born in the city of Cap-Haitien, in the historic Northern part of the Republic of Haiti. The city of Ottawa is like a second home to many of my family members internationally because dozens of us live there. And we’re doing alright. I intend to get a job working security as soon as I get to the city of

Powers Out II

It was like he had been built for this and all was coming together perfectly. Walking into the bedroom he grabbed his bag, and changed into his clean clothes for tonight. Putting the mask, into his pocket for now he glanced at the clock on the night stand table. Perfect 5 minutes to 9 she would be home in about 15-20 mins. Tired from a long day

Am I just using him - chapter 3

down. My dick is still pointing straight forward. I realise that, while sitting down, he won't be able to finger my ass and I'm not sure if it's worth it now. Guess I was getting used to it. And I still remember the shower, that orgasm was amazing. I notice the bulge in Milan's pants, and actually feel sorry for him for a second. But then I

A family gathering at a rented house leads to a mix-up and mistaken bed partners

down past herbelly with my other hand and ran my fingers along herpussy lips. I could feel them pull out as I withdrewfrom her hole and slightly turn in with my return.Searching the tip of her slit, I felt a hard knot offlesh that brought a sudden gasp from her lips at it’stouch. As I started running my middle finger repeatedlyover the hard

My BFB 2

my head yes the best I could and sucked hard. I could feel his cock swell in my mouth right before the warm semen coated my throat. I tried to swallow, but it was useless. I gagged again and let off slightly so his seed would ease down my throat. I bobbed a few more times over his shaft cleaning the rest of his mess. I looked at him with a smile,

Pete And Joe Get Laid (Second Stab At Humor In Sex)

at the nearest liquor store and Joe runs in and gets a bottle of brandy. He runs back out to the car and gets in."Something for the ladies, to get them in the mood. Not that it will be necessary this time," says Joe."I'm sure they'll just look at us and take their clothes off.""That is the idea," says Joe.After a bit of driving, Joe opens the

An old Butler and his rich bitches part 1

one was in Michael’s office when he snuck in and reclaimed his small camera. Sitting at the computer in his grotty little apartment, the old butler connected the camera up just like the kid he brought it of had explained at the store. When the video started he clicked on fast forward, waiting for anyone to enter the office of interest. The camera

Brimstone Series Book 2 - Episode 1

have confidence in your dedication to me anymore.’The associates were to blame for this latest fiasco, but the other time Michael was referring to, I was passed out drunk at Luke and Abigail engagement party.Love and business don’t mix.‘Give us another chance,’ I asked in the closest tone I knew to pleading. ‘Whatever those fuckers at Dawson sold

Anastasia Starts Work

did as she was asked. As she slipped off her clothes the phone rang.“Hi”, answered Linda and paused. “We don’t have any black girls working tonight, but we do have a lovely Chinese…. OK, I understand, but call back tomorrow when we do have a gorgeous 22-year old black girl …. OK, bye”.By now Anastasia was naked. Linda eyed her lovely figure and

Boy in the Bar

be downed in one!I didn’t want to be seen as a wimp [my Dad was known as a hard drinker] so I just downed it in one.Bob & Bernie moved to one of the “U” shaped booths and invited me to join them, but to bring more drinks. I thought Dad would be pleased to see how much had been consumed in a normaly dead period, so duly obliged.I was off my

A Happy End to High School; Part 1

focused on some magazine. She wore skinny jeans with a white tank top, which showed off her athletic petite body. Her chest wasn't the biggest and was on the small side and her ass just about had a handful but she had a natural beauty about her. "Hey Hailey, mom away already?" I asked as I grabbed some fruit for breakfast. "Yeah she left about 5

bonding with my sister

from the bubble bath. "Do you want to jack off with me? " she asked softly. I hesitated, okay, it’s not like we’re doing anything bad by just watching she added. That’s all I needed to pull my cock out in front of Lei, and start stroking it, wishing I could fuck her brains out. Hmmm, she moaned, you have a big dick brother, I know I’m not

Jack’s Women Ch. 04

months. Before that, I roomed with another girl, she’s gone now. I don’t know how long it’s been.’ She said. I smiled and pulled her to me, placing her head on my chest. ‘Baby, you can leave anytime you want. I’m not holding you here.’ I said, as I held her. Thinking about what I said and what I was doing made me smile. She smiled up at me. ‘I

Seduced By A Small Cock

how this would go."How do you want me?" I asked. He told me to lie on my back and put my legs up in the air. As I followed his instructions I took some of the lube that was still on my hand and rubbed it over my virgin ass. He didn't waste any time in grabbing my legs from behind and putting them over his shoulder.I had to tell him to be slow as

Beach-House sex P1

I grabbed my penis and put it at the edge of her vagina. “Just close your eyes and relax”, I said. I then procede to push gently into her hole. She moaned right when I got in just a little. I grabbed her by the hips and slowly and gently pushed my penis up her vagina. My penis when extremely hard tends to curve the slightest bit to the left,

Me and the guys.......and my sister? 2

Then they changed again. He went back to fucking me and leaned over to Lynn, "you wanna see me fill him up?""Hell ya I do." She got closer and the guy fucked me harder and faster. His balls slapped against mine. Then he stiffened up and I could feel him flooding my ass with his cum. Damn it felt good. He pulled out and another guy took his place.

Carrying On Ch. 01

Try and keep him from getting arrested before we get there.’ ‘Is Lauren coming?’ ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’ ‘Touché. See you soon.’ Carl had rented a minivan, though not without a fight. He drove with Jeanna riding shotgun and the rest of us in the back. I sat in the middle with Becky to my right and Lauren to my left. Both women held my hands as we

My Sister's Lotion pt. 2

I was covered in her cum from chest to feet, Some even dripping from my face still. My cum was still running down my cock in large streams and some was dripping from my balls, splattering into puddles beneath left by my sister. We sat in silence for a few moments looking at each other until she gingerly got up from the floor, legs shaking

Lessons Learned in the Library (A Story with Alex)

counter. I was compelled to introduce myself. She said that her name was Alex, and I could not help but stare at this beautiful, short-haired Chinese woman who was helping me check my books out.She was petite, slender, and had make-up that gave her a mysterious edge with a smile that seemed sweet and naughty at the same time. Her outfit was a

Sorrento: Part 1

I suppose that after thirty years of marriage and raising three kids, people change. Please don't think that I am complaining. Tom is a good husband, and a perfect father. He has always been caring and supportive, and provided us all with a wonderful home and the security to live the lives we aspired to. Ever since reaching puberty, I dreamed of

Coffee Girl

a driver, and translator, I wasn’t certain if you wanted one, two, or three people. I also didn’t know if you wanted me to advertise, or help you select from people I know?” “How do you normally hire people here in your country?” I asked. “Commonly we hire friends, relatives, by recommendations.” “I see. Not off of resumes like in America?”

Japanese Houseboy Serves

Always have been. Never have had any experience with the same sex, sexually. I believed in the 3 F’s, “find them, fuck them and forget them.” Pussy around military bases is always plentiful. I had been involved in many long-term relationships, but when my tour of duty at that area was over with so was the relationship. Wan left, and came back

Mom Fantasies

that her intriguing man had been doing this, her husband was in France for 50 days so she decided it was time to finally have a ‘date’. They went on a simple picnic lunch date to the park. She was working so they didn’t have much time but it was perfect, complete with a blanket on the ground, fruit, sandwiches and sweet tea. They talked in more

Nikkis Photo Shoot

to keep this from ending. Ithese panties&hellip, Theyre my favorite pair. Ive always been curious to know how they look on me&hellip, He smiled down at her. I supposed I could take a few shots of them. So you could see how amazing they look on you. She smiled at him, and he walked around to the other side of the table. He held up the camera, and

The Latest Car Trip

friends about our afternoon experience. Hayley was getting turned on as we gave them the details and had her skirt hitched up and her hand down her panties.Jaq and I knew where this was going and gave me a knowing wink. I moved to where Hayley was sitting, knelt between her legs and pulled her panties down. Jim was encouraging me and I was soon

The French Guest

that so I will stay home,” she told me.“Well, with her gone, there’ll be plenty of lasagna for us.”“May I help? I like cooking,” Eloise said.“Sure, come on in. It’s my special recipe. Well, Karen’s really, but I’ve made some changes of my own over the years.”It ended up being one of the most delightful dinners I had enjoyed since Karen’s passing.


they would have been with the bikini top off. Big with small nipples, and perky. She had a finger in her mouth, and a longing look on her face. Right away John was hard. Luckily he was already in the bathroom and he started to stroke his hard cock looking at the picture. She sent another message, "I want your cock in my mouth. I know you saw

Caught by an older man

the sun.I must have dozed off because I did not hear anyone open the door and come out on the deck. I was surprised when I opened my eyes and saw my dad’s friend Larry standing there staring at me. I had met Larry and his wife several times before, his son Sam even fucked me in the ass after junior prom a couple of years before. He always kind

Quad's Ch. 6

We continued to pump our cocks, and the three of us were soon shooting our cum over the girls simultaneously. When we were drained, Jack, Shane and I had to sit down because it was going to be awhile before we got another erection. We sat there with our beers watching Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda lick the cum off each other. I guess they hadn’t

My Addiction To My Boss Chapter 4

to say that you have dreadful bed head." "Did you get any sleep?" I ask and lean up to look at my alarm clock. Two minutes until it goes off. I've only been asleep for maybe an hour. "Nahh, but I'm okay. I work well without sleep." I slide closer to him and lay my chest against his. "Well then maybe we should..." I pause to kiss his neck,"stay in

Mom and Son

spread while cleaning up. I could clearly see her pussy and ass. My cock was already beginning to get hard again.Mom held it in her hand to squeeze and jack it a little. She then lowered her head to take it in her mouth. That was the most erotic feeling I ever had. My buddies had talked about this, but I didn’t think a girl would do it. My cock

Make Love To Me With Your Voice

orgasm I had ever experienced; I screamed incoherent resemblances of his name, and soon after he came as well, burying his face into my neck and calling out my name. Afterward, he lifted his head, and looked into my eyes. "I love you, Aurora." he said softly, smiling gently and brushing a few stray tendrils of hair from my eyes. I smiled. "And I

Bye Bye Miss American Pie.

Once I had cast the denim aside she was left standing there below the waist in nothing more than God had intended. She was everything I had imagined her to be and more so. Curvaceously feminine hips tapered down to a pair of suntanned thighs and legs that were strong and firm to my touch. Her backside was the pride and joy of her. Anything I say

Little Red Part #2

All twelve inches of it. Little Red was transfixed on it watching it throb and pulsate. Large veins encircled the wolfs gigantic cock. She knew she was going to get that one way or another.Little Red saw her chance. The wolves were distracted for some reason. Their ears went up and they turned towards the south end of the bush.She ran.

The Rogue's Harem Book 3, Chapter 5: Corrupted Love

on them and hurts them? Look at how sad he is.”“Very...” Otmar said, his voice thick. I smelled shame bleeding off of him. “Just like Swanhilda's husband, our God made an oath. He could not break it. Nor could he change how his heart felt. He could only hope that Biaute would one day stop hurting him.”That sounded utterly foolish. Why be with

My Family Chapter 5

do it. Now lay back and rub your cunt and get them nice and wet.” Ashley removed her shorts and laid back in her bed in only her red cotton briefs. Cindy could already see a wet spot where her pussy juices were leaking out. Ashley ran her hand down and began to rub her cunt. She ran a finger up and down her slit, jamming the thin cotton material

Gina Transition And First Time

my cock into his mouth. He sucked me like a pro, a wave of pleasure washing over me. It was the first time I had ever had my cock sucked, and he did a great job. His tongue slid up and down my cock, and he took time to lick and suck on my balls. I grabbed Neal's head and started to push up, fucking his mouth till I made him gag. He smiled as

Sisters make good

I am going to tell Y I have done it with you.Shit I said what will she say.Probably that I am mad but I think she and I will have a lot of talks about sex because she loves doing it, she must to do it like she does and I am the same now – from now on its you and I every time. They wont be the only ones fucking when our parents are out.Will you

My Neighbors 2

Her entire crotch was glistening with her juices and more dripped down the insides of her thighs. “See, isn’t that better?” I teased. Something clicked in her head and she locked her eyes with mine, grinning sadistically. “Yes, it does,” she purred, slowly beginning to creep up my body on her knees. I was edgy now, something besides my

Heavy Traffic Ch. 20

posting a story in its entirety. Thanks again. ***** Chapter Twenty The fog that preceded full consciousness was filled with pain. The pain didn’t subside as DeMarcus’ wakefulness increased, it only became more intense and widespread. The brightness on the other side of his eyelids implied light, but DeMarcus was hesitant to subject his eye to it

BLACK SATIN SLIP - Part 2.5 - Paul & Lisa

It was the first time I had seen Lisa wear satin."Is that a new blouse?" I asked. "I've never seen you wear satin before.""It's supposed to be a shirt-dress. My friend made it for me, the same friend that made your shirt. I put a skirt on over the top because it's a little shorter than I would have preferred," she replied. "Do you like it?""I

New Beginnings

was, waiting on pins and needles, for his arrival. It had been a while since optimism had ruled my life and I was enjoying the feeling immensely. Even though I knew him fairly well, I felt like this was a whole new chapter and I was going to keep looking forward to what might come next. Ending my marriage had been the single most difficult

My student.

class I’m teaching, there are a lot of beautiful young girls. They are very funny. Each time in the class is wretched time for me because they always disturb me. One of them, there is a most beautiful girl, her name Ha, age of 19, 1.67 m high, and very perky body. She has a seductive ovaled face, charming smile, sexy black nice eyes…generally,


beginning to understand why. A memory lying dormant for years suddenly came rushing forward in my mind. * * * It was Christmas Eve of ’62 and my Grandmother had come to spend the holiday with us. She had a Pennsylvania Dutch background and that meant lots of food and cake and cookies for dessert. She arrived with container after container of

play date with cody

Cody and I just having fun ourselves while the others played video games down stairs or something. Once, we actually got caught under the covers together by Sam but he let it be and never said anything. We started to get real kinky with each other like licking the other person’s hole or fingering or kissing with tongue. It really became intense

The Cleaning Lady

Again I tried to console her by pulling her to me and received the same reaction.“This was a mistake Mr. J.” she said almost sobbing.“Its ok, Ivana, we can stop if you want to. I don’t want you loosing your job, and if me being married is a problem, I understand.” I replied, with a hint of disappointment.“No, it isn’t either. Unless you tell, no

Educating the girls Part 3

first. Beth tried to ask“Tell you later” Ruby said as she scooped half a loaf and a packet of Cereal from Beth’s larder.As she left Beth looked at her husband and they both looked at Angela.Reaching home once more Ruby piled her spoils on the table.“Did you tell em” Conrad enquired“Only we had it done Ill pop back later and fill em in”“OK” Conrad

Angela Briscoe Ch. 02

darling. My Andrew likes his woman to be soft and cuddly, even when he’s randy and drunk. He’s often told me that’s his preference.’ Angela heard Kathy gurgling and took that as a warning to keep her mouth closed. But she knew this situation was prime time for her. ‘I was asking Kathy to introduce me to a guy who could teach me the more advanced

Home Alone For Five Days

when I was fifteen. She started to moan as she slide back and fourth on my dick, I could feel her getting wet through her shorts. I picked her up and carried her upstairs, threw her on my bed and got on top of her, I pulled her shorts down off her and threw them. She had a sexy pink laced thong on that said try me. I slid her tank top off and

One of my first times

at the screen on my bedside table and saw my friend Dan was calling me. ‘Hello?’ I wasn’t sure if I was about to be invited to do something so I tried to sound as sleepy as possible. ‘Have you started yet?’ was Dan’s rather confusing response. ‘What?’ ‘Check your texts and call me back.’ He hung up and I looked to my phone slightly confused. I

I Can't Wait, Part 1

ecstasy on Leanne's face, I start to lose my composure. I grab a fistful of Marie's hair (she's into hair-pulling) and start thrusting my cock into her throat. Before the moment escapes, I quickly conjure an image of my cock exploding all over my niece's face, tits, and open mouth. I finally explode into my future wife's throat, streaming my seed

Quad's Ch. 2

each other's bodies, not missing anything. By then, Shane's cock and mine were rock hard, and needed some attention. We picked the girls up, impaled them on our cocks, and sandwiched them in between us so that they were back to back.As we were pounding into them, we could feel the vibrations from each other's bodies. Stephanie and Stacey

Only Innocent Fun

I am dropping my passengers at. Grateful to be rid of them I follow the directions to your house. It is about midnight when I pull into your driveway. You greet me at the door with innocent hugs and a kiss. A little to energized from the six-hour drive to sleep, we decide to work for a bit with a movie playing in the background. Thankful our

The most insane runin ive had on xhamster

to pleasure a women and btw u keep messagine me back so…. you a pleasure foir a domme like me omg ill fuck the shit out of u hell yea but the devices cant come later if you want to get a pleasure of me my dear then whatever i want then i will give you well then ur misssing outon great dick thats very close well i dont care and im no asking for

Open Letters To My Underwear

so please stop judging me. In the summer we can work together again. Deal?Dear men's satin boxer shorts I purchased for $5 on a whim- I love you. You are so comfortable and if I had it my way, I would only wear you and a tank top in the summer, but apparently proper clothing is required in public. I will buy more pairs of you in the summer so I

The Agency Girl - Part I

I would probably be more embarrassed dictating explicit content for you to work on than you would be typing it.” “I would still like to give it a go,” she told him. “I am not long out of secretarial college and I really could do with the money as well as the experience. Employers these days always want experience and yet they never seem to want

The Trespasser Returns

patterns that made her look like she a was moving forest with human arms, legs and head. Of course the clothes were not suitable for hunting. There's show camo and work camo and hers was show camo."Well if it isn't Hunter Jane in her brand spankin' new Gucci-flage.""Do you like it? I know it's a bit frivolous, but I've seen local women wearing

Best Intentions Ch. 01

‘Hey, Bailey!’ Navi always found her, just like a cute puppy dog. ‘Need a drink?’ She noticed he had on a shirt and slacks. Part of her hated them both a little more. She crossed her arms. ‘It’s better than the usual crap we get at parties.’ Which was certainly true, and one of the things she liked about schmoozing. ‘Let me guess, dirty martini,


heard one of her lovers say she was a greedy bitch and insatiable so I guess the answer to that question is not enough.”“So, what is it, hope if it is another vibrator she has taken the batteries out, remember the last one, when she threw him in here she didn’t turn him off properly this place shook for hours till the batteries ran down.”“No, it

Patient #51

vantage mean? Michael: Why do you lie to your mom when she tries to help you? Child: I don’t do it on purpose! It’s just that if I will keep getting sick then I won’t have time to do anything later. You tell me how I’m supposed to go bumper kart racing when I’m sick. Michael: Okay but that doesn’t mean you should lie to your mother. She is trying


her loins. After fifteen minutes, Sarah was lost in the sensations, sighing occasionally as a hand found a new spot to caress. She offered no resistance at all as she was gently encouraged onto her back, the mouth following her impossibly sensitive left breast as she went. On her back, the sensations began to escalate, a hand encircling and

westwood cum slut

to rest against my brown, whispering in my ear ready darling, began to push, oh my fucking word the head popped in and it felt like a truck plowed into me, the pain was fierce and I could not get away, she stopped and stayed still as her monster throbbed, the pain started to diminish and as I relaxed she started to push in further and did not

s*s and I -3

Then she pushed on my hips. ‘What?’ I asked. ‘Turn around.’ I hesitated for a second and then shrugged my shoulders. I turned around until my ass cheeks were facing her. I hear her giggle and then felt her hands on my cheeks. ‘Cindy!’ I cried when she opened my cheeks. Quickly, before I could protest, her lips moved to my asshole. I felt her

After School Without Rules

was deserted by now. He slid his own pants off pulling his dick out and prodding her bare pussy under her skirt. She pushed against him begging him to stop please Teal this is so wrong your my best friend dont do this! She felt him slip inside her rubbing back and forth. Teal if you dont stop right this second im going to… but her threat was cut

Forbidden Desires, Unwanted lust

madly in love with a family member, Derrick knew that. But with another MALE family member, it was all so fucked up. He could never explain to anyone exactly how he felt: How this passionate lust he felt for his own father clouded up his brain almost every second of every day. How every time they'd have a conversation, Derrick couldn't help but

Girls Night Out Part 2

second part of my night with Julie when I was in New Jersey. In case you didn’t read my first story, my name is Cassie, short for Cassandra (I also go by Sandy sometimes) and I am a cross dresser (CD). A while ago I was spending a hot summer night in New Jersey at a hotel with my friend Julie. We were attending a girl’s night out at a hotel bar

Gazebos and Vermouth – Part 5

counted the direction it pointed. I was feeling chic with the latest in men’s apparel. That being my Prince Albert with a ring that weighed close to a blacksmith’s anvil. I was still seeing Evelyn every ten days for the works, less another ring. I’m pale compared to some guys. I’m no run-of -the meal mister bumpy with muscles but I do look good

Strawberry Epiphany

market is most definitely a breast man. Kept sneaking peeks while he prattled on about his strawberry field and how he only picks them the day before market, packs them so they don’t bruise, yada yada yada. And they’re certified organic, too. Did you know there’s a right way to pick strawberries? You didn’t? Neither did I. “He said you find a

Spanked by my Babysitter 3

build excitement again with the aroma of leather through out her room.She had leather floggers hanging on the wall. Lori was of course dressed in her leather attire. She looked absolutely stunning. I wasn’t wearing a shirt anymore. She then went to a drawer and got a nipple clip and clipped them to my nipples. She took a flogger from the wall and

There Can Be Only One (Part 23)

held her robe together. Ross popped a piece of roast potato into his mouth, a smirk etched across his thin red lips, as he blatantly stared at the two embarrassed women that sat next to him at the table. Neither of the females ate as they sat with their heads bowed.“ Not hungry mum?”Alice Gorman did not look at her son but shook her head from

Sandy and Frank Ch. 14

Ruth with Bob and, of course, Tom and Claire – I know the names don’t mean much to you although you’ve met them. Anyway, I suddenly realized that our old amorphous group has become three couples, plus me and Frank.’ She laughed and continued, ‘Actually, four couples although no one knows about that! I’ve been pretty close to all six of the others

Succulent Desires Chapter 2

he was going to get her to kiss him again so he could taste her sweet, intoxicating lips again, and if her cum tasted just as sweet if not better than her mouth.   He wondered if she was as creamy and satiny when his tongue ran along her clit and labia like her mouth and lips tasted.   Running a hand over his face to regain some composure, Aidan

What Are Friends For?

talked. She was getting really excited at the prospect of getting to see her two sexy friends really go at it. She and Carter hadn't talked about going this far with Pete, but she had wondered earlier where things might lead.Pete thought for a second, then smiled. What the hell. He had already sucked the guy's cock. "Yeah, okay Carter. What

The Uneventful Couple: Event #1 SEXerciser

pulled into the driveway of his house, he was glad to see his wife Julie’s car already there. It was only 4:30 pm, the weekend would start early. He entered his house on tiptoes. Since July, the life of the couple of 32 years had taken a turn for the better and each day coming home could hold a surprise that he did not want to ruin. Bruno got

A cold winter night

my  bare stomach tickling and pecking at the curly but soft hairs. You look up at me with a teasing smile, knowing full well that I am at your mercy.. My willpower sapped from me by your sweet strawberry lips.. Will you spare me and not leave me unsatisfied this time ?… Will you finally fulfill my desire and let me have you tonight, or will you

Painful Piano Lesson Part 2

to play. It can’t have been more than seven or eight minutes later before I saw Miss Edwards speak severely to her and the girl got up looking very unhappy. Miss Edwards said something and left the room. The girl quickly started to remove her clothes. I had a perfect view from where I crouched as she finally took off her bra and her pants so she

Death is a Beautiful Blonde Pt. 02

But there was something pleading in her eyes that lured me toward her. I followed her over to the door she had opened. ‘What is it?’ ‘Just take a look in the other room.’ I peered into the dark room. I didn’t see anything at first. And then my eyes fell upon the body on the floor. The body. It was a dead body lying on the parlor floor. I nearly

Friday @ The Wharf

fruit cocktail slightly musked by sweet sweat. She opened her startling wide brown eyes and looked at him, smiling in such a way that he was compelled to kiss her full lips. ‘Are you watching me?’ She accused him, turning to face him carefully, to manage her head and sipping sexily. Ben traced her lightly defined jawline with a finger. ‘I’m going

Lady Luck

to finish nuking my dinner. The empty inbox is no real shocker, but it is a disappointment because the online personal ad I placed three days ago still has yet to produce even a nibble…whoever the hell said you can find anything on the internet obviously never tried to rustle up a date with anything other than a friggin’ porn site…. The whirring

Danny becomes Danni. Part 5 the ending..

Grunts and moans and audible squishes were filled wit overflowing gobs of swollen open holes...dribbling down legs...creating the raunchy smell of unrestricted, unbridled whorring sex. Love who you were with...Then Jodi mounted the billiard Danni demanded to be under Jodi...reaming her ass...Kristin used a pool cue

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 08

pick another weapon,” Rachel explained. “I’ve seen this setup before. Each weapon is more deadly that the last. Sometimes the girl doesn’t want to be killed. There are quite a few members that sport their scars as part of their costumes.”“I haven’t see any,” Jake told her.“Of course you have!” Rachel laughed. “Look!”She pointed to her stomach

50 Pounds Bet

Would she let him fuck her?Eventually, she disengaged herself from the man, telling him she had to get the rest of her tips. Reluctantly, he let go of her ass, and allowed her to stand up and walk towards me. Her eyes flashed as she stared at the bulge in my crotch with a lascivious smile on her face. She placed her jug full of money on the table

Take Her Down to Paradise City Pt. 1

pussy was more drenched than it had ever been in her life. Arion's hands were clearly not the only magical part of his body. His cock seemed to radiate a heat unlike any before. It touched all of her most intimate of places. Every thrust felt like a miniature orgasm in itself. The heavy balls slapping against her ass seemed to be supernaturally

Fucking Sleeping Leah part 2

her amazing cunt. Good thing those sleeping pills worked, because I think this brutal of a fucking would wake her up. I loved watching her amazing tits smack around her chest while I slammed her tight shaved cunt. My arm hurt from slamming this dildo into such a small pussy so after about fifteen minutes of a nice hard cunt fuck, I stopped

A Duet upon a Balcony

connected we roll, I want the feeling of you dominating. The velvet ropes tangle , and the drape falls onto one of my breasts. You push it off with your nose.(Him)As I nudge it aside, I can't help but suck your pert nipple into my mouth, latching with my teeth and pulling your breast up and out. I thrust inside of you like this, attached to your

The Old Man and the Beach--Part 3

lifted out the large wrapped box. Lou Ann was right—it was heavy. I carried it as I led her into the house. Inside was a plastic pony hanging on springs from a metal frame. It would be a few months before she could use it, but it was still a thoughtful gift.“Who’s going to be here to help you,” Lou Ann asked.“I guess it’s going to be me,” I

Flexible Morals Ch. 02

the earth was softer, was the pair of mounds. She knelt down between them as she did every morning these days. Two heaps of dirt, a stone at one end of each. She didn’t say anything for there was nobody present to say it to. At least, not a whole person. The fire’s effects on flesh had been much the same as wood. ‘Do you know who the three men

Escape From Buggery Ch. 01

a holiday there in earnest. Their jobs were winding up at the call centre, and they felt like a good break before looking for the next ones. They took some glossy brochures out from the travel centre, and with the aid of the travel centre staff, they started examining all the options. Buggery was advertised in the many different brochures as

Taming the Tease Ch 8

baby ditch the old men and give us a turn!” one of them yelled. The group of Italian men simply laughed. Bella was humiliated. She simply kept her head down and followed the men. The teens admired her ass as she walked by them as it swayed side to side, barely covered by the short robe. “Look at that fucking ass dude.” One of them said in shocked

Frat Boy Games Ch. 9

and her breasts in her hands. Gently, slowly, he lifted her and settled her on his cock. He slid in easily, inch by satisfying inch. His hands held her hips and moved her on him, slowly until they both came in a gentle wave of pleasure. She leaned back against him, their bodies slick with soap and water. His cock still embedded into her. ‘When

The Contractors part 1

me over with him and asked if i wanted him to fuck me first i nodded yes and he told me to climb up and sit down on his cock slowly as it would hurt when he broke my hymen so i climbed up and he held me as i slowly lowered down taking 2 then 3 inches inside me then he stopped and said im at your hymen now if you are ready then i will push hard

the jungle

felt herself being rolled onto her stomach and someone slide up her bum she looked back and saw it was a boy of about 12 an older boy slid his dick into her mouth and was soon pumping his cum down her throat Sally was rolled onto her back and to her great surprise Cindy started to lick her love tube while 2 tribe girls sucked her nipples. After a

Manmoirs: The Asian - Part 2

many others yet we were still fucking. I got back on-top of her but this time I was on the bed with her. The making out we were doing while I pounded her pussy pushed the intensity to a level I have never experience. At that moment, I was sure I had feelings for her. I could not deny it any longer. I was officially having sex with a woman I

Dalias Dream

back and Dalia cried out deep inside “Nooo… don’t leave me.” She watched as Susans hand reached behind releasing the bikini top and letting it drop to the floor. Her breasts were beautiful… perfectly formed, exquisitely tanned with deep brown nipples that rose and fell with each breath… Susans eyes never left Dalias and Dalia felt her own fingers

Obeying Katie Ch01

very comfortable. “WHAT A GOOD GIRL” said Katie. “OH GOD THAT WAS HOT” said Chloe. “When do we get to play with him”, Said Chloe and Katie responded by saying “that all depends on this toy, here. Do you want to be our toy Missy?” “Yes Ma’am, please” “Good girl, Missy” and she stroked my cheek “His dick is still hard, Katie, are you gonna take


spent over two hours on the street just to locate the tavern that the hunter's guild had prepared her lodging. On top of all these mess, Nevadae was a graveyard of garbage. Sanitation was a myth here. People opted to pile their waste and trash at the end of alleys and left it there to rot. Reek of fault odor blanketed the town like never fading

Blood Lust

soon or loose the nectar. I my balls rolled over in the sack as Samantha slowly pulled the head of my spewing cock down into her soft gullet one last time. There was cum, fresh blood, cock and all pulsing deep inside her throat. She held onto me, swallowing and choking down everything I could put out. My lower half began to twitch out of

A Day in the Job Ch. 02

meeting my thrusts, moving her hips in small circles, increasing my pleasure. I could feel my orgasm building up slowly, certain that Sarah’s was almost upon her from the way she was groaning. Her breath became ragged, her back arched and her pussy contracted tight around my cock, she let out a long, drawn-out groan of ecstasy as her tight pussy

Teen Diaries 20: Detention Threesome

is Brad," he pointed to the guy on my left. He was tall too, but a little shorter than Jeff with short brown hair. "Cool," I said. I was trying to keep the conversation short. "Are you a virgin Hayley?" Brad asked. "Umm... I don't think that's anyone's business." "I bet she is," said Jeff and Brad started to laugh. "Are you frigid?" Brad joked.

Parochial Wisdom

I started off to the old wine cellar. As we approached the door, we could hear muffled noises coming from the wine cellar, not really wanting to confront any one, we looked at each other briefly, before easily opening the door and entering the room. The muffled sounds were less restrained as we moved over to the shelf we were looking for. We

Vixen Demonstrates

of her nose. Vixen had drawn his whole head, ignoring his acne scars and diminishing his crooked nose a bit, barely suggesting his unkempt hair. It was a decent likeness and was generally praised. Her subject blushed. By the time they had gone around the circle, the class ended. She offered the boy her drawing, and he bowed and thanked her. “I’ve

My Sister Was Hot!

to kiss again.Then I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. “Take my cock in your hand, Sis. I know you want to.”“No,” she said as we continued to kiss.So I took her hand again and put it to my hard cock. She made a half-hearted attempt to pull it away, but I held it there and she wrapped her fingers around it.“Oh Billy! It’s really

My first nudist experience with my aunt – Pt. 1

some of it on her hand and started rubbing it on my cousins naked body. My aunt then squatted to rub some lotion on the lower parts of my cousins and when she squatted her legs spread naturally and I got a good view of her pussy, I could make out the shape of her pussy lips and I could see her clitoral hood. I saw all of it and I still masturbate


them stay?’ she asked. ‘Of course. Even I know that people don’t adopt cats, they adopt you. Odd that they never liked Susan. Perhaps that should have told me something.’ Emma, the other cat, a calico, also found Carol and showed her as much attention as she ever showed me. Carol just smiled perhaps for the first time. I too smiled. We sat and

AnimeCon Harem pt. 03

if you were okay, because he still cared about you. But you don’t deserve to know that.“Did he say anything about me, or not?”“Nah, I gave him the con badge and he was pretty blasé about the whole breakup. Ugh, and he’s having fun at the convention right now... that jerk.” Emily said glibly. “While I’m stuck here, about to be late for my hellish

Young Fun #3

to us and laid down next to me. Jess had Suzy roll away and told her that this was Robin's time. I turned my focus on Robin. She was prettier than Jess, at least to me. She had dark blonde hair and a slightly round face. Her skin looked soft and smooth. It was a little darker than her sisters. She had a noticeable bathing suit tan line on her


. . . “find a woman that doesn't mind being a substitute for your mother” . . . “can never compete with the other woman in your life”.I looked at Sammy, and remember his words. “do you think you can love two people at the same time?” . . . “I have been in love with this woman my whole life.” . . . “I slept with her.” . . . “I slept with her the

Firtie Valley 2

panties and an acre of cleavage bursting out of her bra. she looked down at her big pregnant belly with a very contented smile. as i watched the crane hoist the board with her photo on it, i felt the familiar swelling return to my groin. i'd lost track that day of the times my dick had started throbbing, my heart racing as it sent the blood into

The Dog Walker

As a dog walker, I cared for up to five dogs in one day for five different owners. I would pick them all up for the day and take them for a long walk. Then I would take them back to my home to feed them. I had two of my own dogs I cared for, two German shepherds. We ended up in my living room after I fed them. With my two male German shepherds

Jerome usus me as a present for a friend

own orgasm, but Bart did not even noticed it, he was very busy going in and out of my poor asshole. He came again in my body and then he went to the bathroom, leaving me there, panting and recovering my breath and enjoying my own orgasm. When he came back I was trying to fix my make up on a mirror. He yelled at me: “Where are you going, bitch??…

Love Blind

were firmly across her stomach so that his dark fingers interlaced across her navel. On Lily, the controversial words ‘Black Cocks Matter’ were written on the upper half of her belly. It had been shot the very next day after Lily and Leon had found out about her pregnancy, and across Leon’s hands, in white marker were the words ‘Ride One’ It had

My affair...The Cabin.

like a little virgin and moaned with pleasure when I slid my cock inside of her. I grabbed ahold of her wide hips, and pounded her faster and faster. "Fuck yea, fuck me hard, fuck my pussy, pound me!!!' Becca screamed with delight as I took her tight pussy and turned it into my personal play toy. "Oh Fuck....I want your cum David, cum inside

Wendy Ch. 09

hands stopped moving and her eyes opened. She stared in my direction as if to question what I was saying. We froze, too dazed to know what was happening, too stunned to react. Then my heart began to beat again, flooding my head with near explosive pounding. Neither of us could move. There was frightful shock on Lydia’s face and mine must have

Confessions of a Teenage Nympho Ch. 08

we all tried to get some sleep before the day ahead of us. In the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep and as I went outside to get some air. As I cracked open a beer, I heard a gasp behind me. I spun around and saw Adam standing outside the cabin leaning against a tree with his dick in his hand. He was peeing steadily and he spun away, giving


first day on the job the lead social worker gave me a case.  A 17 year old girl lost both parents in a tragic head-on car accident.  Her birthday was in 7 months but since she was under 18 she needed to go into the system.  My job was to get her belongings and take her 75 miles to the center.  Her name was Sunny Kirk with no middle name,


getting to know the way the company works and also getting to know your new colleagues. The blokes were all okay, but, the office staff would take longer to get to know. I mentioned to one of my workmates that I had my eye on one of the girls in particular. ‘What’s the small blond like?’ I asked during our break one day. The girl in question

Three Days Ch. 01-02

for June, as he had made passes at her many times over the years. June would normally brush him off quite quickly. But tonight it appeared she was trying to make me jealous. I purposely had not invited the Prat, but Angela had brought him along as her escort for the evening. Although she was spending little time with him as he appeared to be

Discovery part 1

side by side with my dear friend Claire, the single occupant of my sweaty, fervent and lustful dreams. Guiltily I found myself fantasising about her, ashamed at the intensity of the lust, and the undeniable betrayal I was inflicting upon her for being attracted to her. In my mind, the fantasy Claire desired me as much as I wanted her, and in the

The Meeting

you. I take a sip of my coffee as I pull out the picture of you and take a quick glance. I quickly put it away in case you show up behind me. Lucky for me you haven’t arrived yet. I can feel the knot in my stomach as I sit and wait for you. Suddenly, I feel a light tap on my shoulder and turn around to see you. There you are all 5’11” of you in


enough. I want to get closer. I want to feel him, really feel him, even if it is only for one last time. My hands slip under the back of his shirt and run my fingers over his smooth, soft skin. He feels so real, so alive! I clutch onto the fabric, tugging at it to get it of. Once its over his head, I throw it to the corner where it is forgotten.

The Dark Lady Ch. 07

a ways from Manuel’s house and caught our breath walking in. She knocked on the door and was met by a very attractive woman about her own age. She beckoned me over, ‘Theo, this is Maria, Manuel’s wife and Carlos’s mother. She is visiting this weekend too.’ I said hello and asked if Carlos was around. She shouted inside and he appeared quickly. We

Sister finds my Toys

small control box that he held in his hand. From the box a couple of wires snaked out to the attachments he had on his cock. One was wrapped around the base of his gigantic prick while the other was wrapped farther up under his cockhead. It was a very short promotional video so just seconds after we began watching the guy let out a moan and shot

The Baby

with all that this child had accomplished in his short life, he was still stuck with a few thoughts that has always stayed with him even tell this day. ‘What if’. What if the baby doctor wouldn’t of been on vacation. Also what if the doctor that was there knew what he was doing. Would he even be like this today. Plus what if the doctors were

A Date Without My Glasses

handand looked at him. My dicky, he was so nice! Long,thick and swarthy, with a red mushroom head. I longedto kiss it, but the lights were on and people weremilling around us and… Well, I thought, I’ll haveanother opportunity. (Ad I did) Oh yes, Derek? Well, he was a quite regular boy. Alittle shorter that I was, dark haired, with rathernice

Noel’s House

a barrier to our running feet. The entrance to the loft another adventure, joining like the lofts in C S Lewis’s stories so that we were part of both houses, had access to wherever we wanted to go. I knew, of course I did, that things were different now. An outsider had bought the house from the farmer, both halves, although Noel’s lease had

Three nights in London, night 2, Irene is going out

there, apart from a guy who was admiring my legs. Our eyes met and he winked. I blushed and Becca laughed. The train came and we found a place to sit. I crossed my legs, trying to cover my legs, myself, actually every bit of me, all the time completely aware of the two guys sitting opposite to me, checking me out from head till toe. The girls

Jack’s Sex Tutor Ch. 01

story, and it takes a while to get going, so bear with me. Jack Wilson wasn’t too pleased. He’d just found out that his dad would be going away on a business trip for a whole month!! And he had just started his summer holidays, so it didn’t look like they were going to go on vacation anywhere this summer. Another thing that pissed him off was

These Wolves Alone Ch. 06

arson?’ Someone else on the channel asked. After a static-y ‘no’ came through the line, Jessie turned off the radio. ‘How on earth could the house catch on fire? There was nothing left for that to happen….it has to be arson…maybe those men in the woods.’ Here we go again, I thought. ‘Why would strange men in the woods set a random shack on fire,

Another Girl Next Door Story. Part 2.

table and not on the chaise lounge. His heart was pounding as the minutes ticked by and his mind began to spin scenarios.Any second he expected Stan to appear and question his presence in his backyard. Airel would appear a second after Stan in one of her fabulous nighties and Stan put two and two together."So you're the one that's been fucking my

road head

are free for me to handle. I squeeze them, I pull and twist her nipples. Harder and harder, anything to get my mind off the work her mouth is putting in on my cock. The longer I hold out the bigger my orgasm. I find a spot where I can pull to the side of the road. She knows I want to cum now, she knows I am ready. With her left hand she is

The Farmer's Little Daughter

at the TV and looking at the seductive feminine vision standing in the room. I was waiting for the weatherman to let me know about how the chances of rain might affect my farming activities. Hell, I missed the weather report completely! I couldn’t take my eyes off the girl! I wouldn’t call my daughter a ‘raving-beauty’, but she most certainly did

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 06

refrigerator for a beer. ‘He is my boyfriend.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘Yeah.’ Van took a gulp of beer from the can. ‘You’re the first relative I told.’ ‘Don’t worry. I’ll let you be the one to tell everyone else,’ Francis assured him. Her hand rested on his arm. They both turned when Bo entered the room. ‘Let’s go for a swim,’ Van suggested. ‘I don’t have the

Breaking The Boundaries

clearing my throat when I heard how husky my voice sounded. “Thanks,” He said, actually blushing, and stepped aside to let me in. I walked past him and smiled when I heard his sharp intake of breath. The front of dress was modest enough, but the back was open and dipped low enough to show off the dimples in my lower back. “Stop,” He growled from

Stranger in a Hotel Room

until you cum, body tense, thighs tight against his head. He kisses his way up your stomach and breasts to kiss gently at your lips, his face wet with your juices. He leans in to kiss me too, then roles off you to lay next to you. We breathe and glow.After recovering a bit, I disappear into the bathroom. When I return, you and he are making out,

Jenny's Stranger Sex part 3

kiss another girl before but just at that moment, Beth's warm mouth engulfed Jenny's hard clit, her tongue licked around it as she sucked on, not too hard or too gentle, massaging it with just the right pressure. Jenny's orgasm came quick and completely unexpectedly, Jenny definitely wasn't going to ask Beth to stop now. however Beth did stop


was not sure that outpatient therapy was going to be enough for Stephanie. As is my practice when faced with a patient that did not seem in imminent danger, I was going to wait before deciding to commit her, unless she gave me good reason not to wait. We did, after all, have twenty more minutes. ‘Do you feel crazy Stephanie? Do you feel trapped?’

My Wife and the Persian Princess

she is, I want a piece of that, too.”“You’re serious?”“Fuck yeah I am. Go check to see if she made an account.”We went and checked on one of the sites we belong to. Sure enough, listed in the "Newest Matches" section was the beautiful "Persian Princess". We clicked on her profile and looked through her pictures. We opened up our private pictures

The Runesmith Chronicles 10

would help keep me safe, one of the drawbacks of being immortal I suppose, there’s always time to learn things later. Back when I was young, I used to have the same drive and thirst for knowledge you do, it faded away long ago without the specter of having only so many years on this earth driving it.”“I’m not disappointed, just surprised I guess.

The Carter Files - Prologue

into his broad shoulders, spying her eyes rolling back with pleasure.“Ahhhhhhh fuck baby! You’re so much better!” She shouted as she got to work, bouncing on his fat, throbbing rod. She bit her lip, groaning through gritted teeth. The clap of her ass on his cock and against his powerful thighs only made Alex more aroused. He held her tighter,

Joan’s Story Ch. 04

Vanessa says ‘I’m a little jealous of her need to fuck you, honey. If she wasn’t so damn perfect physically I might not be jealous of her, but damn, Adriana’s body is what every woman wants her body to look like.’ ‘Oh, honey, you shouldn’t be jealous. You get to fuck me more than everybody else combined.’ ‘I know, babe, but with her, Hoshi and

Daughter's Slut Training 9: Brother's Naughty Help

this, little brother. I just helped her suck your cock.” I turned onto the street we lived on. “And after tomorrow night, I'll help you get into her pussy.”“Really?” he said with such enthusiasm.“Really,” I nodded. I made the turn into our driveway. I stopped the car, put it into park, and pulled the emergency break. “So, how long?”“I don't know.

Blue Moon

do so with no hassle at all. I spent that night and the following one at Ollie’s home. Upon my return journey fourteen days later I again spent two nights with Ollie, not concerned at all about the two nights I forfeited at my holiday destination. The night of my arrival at Ollie’s home on that occasion was fantastic, as Ollie had invited a few

Pick Up Lines I

was. We were only there; however, about every three weeks so would not see any replies to what we sent out for three weeks at least. Over time we established some friendships in several towns but the first year was a bit difficult.One of the creative remedies for this was to try to get Jeena “picked up” in several situations. In relating these

Life is a game 1

I want you".     Alex laughs and says "your a filthy whore, aren't you?". She just pulls up her apron and begins to rub her clit. Alex walks towards her and tells her to suck his cock. She gets on her knees and begins to suck him off. She runs her tongue up and down his shaft, then takes his entire length in her mouth. He puts his hands behind

The Lonely Eyes

all of it, as my first time went fast and hard, but I do remember the thrill and the passion and the insane ecstasy. I’d known about my orientation from an early age, I knew in my heart that I was not meant to love women, but that didn’t mean I didn’t yearn for those long, drawn-out romances that one often saw on the silver screen. And it

The Bell Ringer Ch. 02

to catch my breath. I could hear music, horns playing, softly in the distance. Was this it? Was this what it was like to die? The music came closer, I could now hear singing, a song heard years ago: Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before. I could see them coming, a band playing music, dressed in

Girl Meets Boy, Boy Meets Her Toy

her, and then slowly pulled it back out, leaving just the head in. She repeated this, gradually picking up her pace. Her eyes switched from watching the porno to watching the cock being swallowed by her pussy. She closed her eyes, threw her head back, and moaned at the sensations. Max was hypnotized, and Taylor seemed to be in her own world. "Oh

Fantasy for you

me, As i slowly start riding you.. bouncing up on your cock, pushing you farther into me...i keep riding your cock, as i hear you moaning, my name... I love the way your cock feels inside of me, Pushing it so far into me, it feels amazing.. I feel you... i slowly start rubbing my breast, as i continue bouncing on you, Moving faster, Feeling you


after some wine. It excited me knowing that a man so close by had private pictures of Elaine.As I chatted with the guy on-line, I told him about the sex toys we used and about the squirting dildo. I got a big surge of butterflies in my stomach when he came back and said that if he couldn't have Elaine for real, he would love to make the dildo

Times In Tehran

and I were the first guys to do that. Sherman and Deeba went to his room and Paddy and I went to mine. No sooner had I closed the door behind us than Paddy removed her burqa (Google it if you don’t know and are curious) and every other stitch of her clothing, winked, and smiled mischievously at me. She had a lovely body, slim, trim, and with

Please cum in

odd thing about audio books and Clarisse was, she only listened to erotic mysteries, and they seemed to keep her even more horny than usual, which was a bit much. When she arrived at Amanda’s house after the hellishly horrendous traffic this hot Friday afternoon, she was really steamed and needed a cool beverage. Since she had taken delivery of

The Bosss wife

her again then rammed my cock hard up her wet pussy and held her hips as I fucked her, my thrusts going in harder and deeper, her feet were almost lifting off the floor. Her moans were mixed with small whimpers as I pounded her pussy, she let out a large scream as she started to cum, her pussy pulsating on my cock and griping me, I carried on

Sorting Out The Smiths Ch. 06

in it?’ ‘How could anyone be unhappy on a day like today?’ They walked off together towards the continuing barbeque and to all of their friends. ***** The afternoon air had already begun to cool as Lewis and Elizabeth stepped out into it. The bright yellow cab was waiting, the engine running, at the bottom of the short drive. ‘I think you’re

Maude/Madeleine Part 9

to behave with the utmost decorum until the musicians have departed.’ ‘Then I apologise for compromising you. I wanted, however to make my intentions plain.’ ‘I am flattered, My Lady, and would not dream of appearing to be unwelcome of your attentions in different circumstances.’ This conversation was held as if the most normal of exchanges

Vacation Games

happened. Jen put back on her dress and took her knickers and bra in her hand. As we walked back to our apartment I was still trying to process what had just happened. Jen had kissed another woman, had her pussy kissed and licked by her, gave a strange guy a blowjob and got fucked by him. I never imagined that any of these things would actually

At the Movies

this pleases you. You grab my tits and pull them out of the bra, and slowly and gently kiss and nibble on my nipples, they become sensitive and this makes me moan, your hand slips under my dress and you feel how wet my pussy is for you, you slipped a finger in and slowly massaged my clit, your mouth is now on mine, trying to keep me as quite as

Ring World (Part I)

like TV advertisements probing towards the stars like a claw reaching into the infinite beyond. The streets were hungry and no matter how many credits, how much information, or how much blood it was fed, it cried its need for more. Those that have the credits, the power, or the connection to keep them safe reside here, on the outer ring where it

Rob & Joe: Women of the Church Ch. 02

both thought we were fucking Helen. ‘That’s because you fucked both of them. Every time they left the bedroom they switched places. This is a game they love to play on their husbands. They tell me they played this game all through college and even used the technique to get some grades raised by the male professors. They drive people crazy at

The Nightingale

a button face was pinched up like a lemon. ‘What a crabby old clown he is. I bet his dollars would smell like grandfather’s beer breath anyway! She considered smearing a cupcake on his windows, or using her official Nightingales permanent marker to write an insult on his mailbox, so that others would know what a jerk he was. She only considered

Work Fun

with both hands to do as he said, with her face pressed against the desk. He sucked her lips into his mouth, flicking his tongue over her clitoris again and again. He would stop to drive deep into her now and then to taste her sweet, tangy wetness within, or run up and poke her ass to feel her puckering little hole try to accommodate as much

Dear World

she really have to get it this way? Visions of a tall building danced through her head. Maybe that’s the key out Darcy thought. Since I’m no good at inflicting enough pain on myself to actually die I shall try a different method one that will be sure to work. Shifting some more in her seat she glanced over at her friends. Would they care if she

Hot Summer Night

had been sweating all day. I wanted to go home, take a cool shower and relax. As I was driving home, just after nine o’clock, I pulled up to a stop light and noticed a young man up the road walking with his thumb out. He had on shorts, sneakers and a red muscle shirt. He was also carrying a bag. I was on a main street, so when I pulled up to him,

Backstage Mistress

as she pounded it into me furiously; propelling me towards orgasm as surely as if she was leading me there by a leash. Despite my earlier promise of silence I let out a loud moan as I was engulfed in wave after wave of ecstasy. The abandoned sound of my own voice turned me on even more and after that I couldn’t shut up. My moans increased in

A Stile

edge of the first of these fields, feeling very sorry for myself, when I came to the stile that would allow me to get over to the second field. And sitting on the stile was this girl. And she was really pretty. She had long corn-coloured hair that came down almost to her waist, a wide friendly mouth and a pair of large penetrating eyes that kept

My Surprise Birthday Orgy

and just had to laugh."The Couples Club is a few blocks away," Bill laughed. "Looks like someone got the wrong address.""Oh well, you live and learn I suppose," I said as a grabbed a glass of water."You seem like a nice enough guy," Kath said, "What are you going to do now?""I dunno," I sat watching the guy on top empty his balls over my wife's

Savage Lesson

I leaned back against the wall and gave myself a mental talking to. This is not my house and this was none of my business. I needed to get out of there and back into bed quickly, before she caught me eavesdropping. This was undoubtedly true but an intoxicating mix of curiosity and resentment gripped me. This girl who I had invested so much time

Kathy White Trash Whore (Part 10)

he had just filled with his spunk.“Thank you Jeff”Jeff stood at Kat’s head and then knelt at the side of the bed, holding her hand as Kathy licked and sucked at her juicy pussy.“The pleasure was all mine Kat; that was quite an unforgettable experience for me.”He leaned forward to kiss her and Kat turned her head towards him and opened her mouth

Turning Point ch #4

and said believe me Robert it is my pleasure. Now get busy sucking my clit and fingering my pussy. I licked my tongue across Mary’s clit and she inhaled and said Oh shit this isn’t going to take long. While she was still holding her lips open I spit up inside then slid three fingers up until I felt the G-spot. I was licking, sucking and

Wife and Friend

pissed. She rolled over onto her hands & knees & put her ass up into the air & he put the tip of his dick onto her tiny little asshole. Now Ive been begging her for anal sex for years! She turned to him & said ok baby, youve been wanting this for years so tonights your night. All I ask is grab that numbing gel on the dresser. Im only doing this

New Beginnings - Pt 4 Ch 05

her stomach.She lay gasping on the ground for a few seconds, then began crawling off to the right as fast as she could manage, leaving a wide trail of fresh blood and some gray matter that came out of her belly.“You can’t get away by going sideways, Sweetie,” Frank grinned as he approached her. “You should be trying to put some distance between

Care Ride Home Part 2

is barely on and her shorts are unzipped. She has a look of excitement on her face. I think she likes putting on a show."When do we start?" She asks."Pull over to this alley and I'll let you begin."I get in the car and drive slowly into the alley. Fear anxiety, excitement, and many other emotions are running through me now. She asks me if I'm

Celestial Nirvana: Part 1 – The Wise One

as the minutes ticked by on her alarm clock. The hour was early, earlier than the time her parents woke up, but this was how she liked it. The girl liked to pleasure herself each morning, again after she got home, and a final time before falling asleep. You could say that this was the breakfast rub-out, also known as the most important rub-out of

A Hot Day at Work

job of the season, making our winter hibernating bodies strain under the challenge. At our first break the homeowners came over to check our progress. They were rather hot and sexy men, very ‘friendly’. JT & I exchanged glances both of us were thinking the same thing, ‘well are they just a little different or what?’ The taller of two had been the

The Colors of Love & Loneliness

her again? Don’t you ever want to be whole again?’ Tristan looked down at the gun lying amid his sheets. He picked it up in one hand and eased it back into its natural position, in his mouth. Amy sat back frightened. People were already screaming behind her. The sun hit the polished bar being brought over her. The warmth on her face was met with

Sandy and Frank Ch. 04

to her braless tits. Our first rule – loose and accessible – was observed. Finally, she stood in front of me and asked, ‘What do you think?’ Obviously, she wanted my approval and I could say, with complete honesty, ‘Honey, you look absolutely lovely! I’m almost jealous that you’re going out like that without me. I’m sure that there will be

A Dream or Fantasy

me standing there getting harder by the moment,He said Her name she stopped and said "What Dad?"he said "Your Birthday Present has arrived" He said"where is it?" She asked"Turn around and look" He told her She squalled "Uncle" jumped out of the Hot Tub ran to me, hugged Me tight, and said "Hi, are You have My present?""No" My Cousin said, "He


the platform again, brought her hand to the Slave’s face and slapped her hard. “You’re just the whore,” she said. “Don’t beg.” She opened one nipple clamp, put her hand between the Slave’s legs and clamped it to the bare clitoris, now standing upright, engorged and flaming. “That’s for the whore,” she said. Leaving, the group looked back at

Couples First Swingers Club Experience (And It Was A Good One)

girls spin around the poles. It was getting late now and we were ready for a little more action. We walked through the place again but didn't see anyone engaging each other so we headed upstairs to the loft area to get down to business. There was a black couple up there having a little foreplay and we lay down on a bed next to them. I lifted her

A Little Light Hypnosis

comfortable. Very comfortable. Perhaps more comfortable than you’ve ever been before in your entire life. Take off your watch if you’ve got one on. Kick off your shoes and socks if you’re wearing them. Now unbuckle the belt on your trousers. If you’re wearing a shirt, undo the top couple of buttons. And then…all the other buttons as well. In

Owning the girl next door

Glenn.We get to the Club and the door girl lets Greg and Kim in then looks at me and said key Sir, I said I am new dear I have no key then Mom hands her a card she scans it and said his son Mom said yes, she said welcome to the club Master Glenn, then handed the key back to me, I looked at it and it had Dads name then under it said Legacy and my

The Courts Of Pleasure Ch. 03

our mouths if not our cunts, Sarah.’ ‘Speaking of cunts dear?’ Sarah murmured questioningly, her eyes limpid with need as she floated her lovely legs up to capture Vi’s waist and draw the girl to her. Knowingly Vi floated into the embrace of Sarah’s thighs, her head lifting above the water to bring her mouth to Sarah’s Passion-Flower that


but at the same time she drew pleasure from it. Now she feels she has become one with me, and she is my bitch who had to endure whatever happened. Hollie became submissive, and did not move. I stood holding her in place. She lowered her head down on her arms and closed her eyes in an effort to gather her thoughts and to calm her body from the

Stan and Wendy Part 2

not." she looked me over then her self, i smiled as i noticed her inner thighs were wet and her tits had my sperm drizzled all over them.She ran her small hand slowly up my stomach and pulled the shirt up with it. I could only watch, felling my cock never go soft just becoming harder. She slowly lifted my shirt up and over my head and throw it to

Compensatory, Summary Justice!

It was a satisfying feeling, knowing that the justice being handed out was fitting for their crimes and would provide proof of crimes against the remaining leaders. He just didn’t yet understand that the last steps would involve a gentle push from me. I prepared my final letter. It was directed to the head of the gang. It was a simple warning. It


had. An NSA fuck buddy club.About an hour later everyone has arrived. There was some quiet Halloween music playing in the background. I had put out some snacks for my guests. My friends each brought something except for Bill. He was a mooch. We were hanging out talking, laughing and having a good time. Just then Joe started up an impromptu truth

Dominated by my Filipina beauty.

my mouth and nose making breathing difficult. Uncomfortable and restricting but at the same time the most powerfully erotic thing I've have ever had done to me. Lifting herself from me Mercy inserts her fingers between the rubber and flesh at the crotch of her leotard pulling it to one side, exposing her swollen, freshly shaven cunt and ass."When

When the Teacher is the Pet, Part Two

pussy. Do not allow it to fall out. XOXO – Shanda She had copies of the images on her computer. I immediately dashed to the computer and moved the mouse. The screen saver ended. I opened the options for the screen-saver to find the folders location. The folder with the pictures of Katelyn and me. I wish I had my purse. Theres a pen and notebook

Favour for a Friend

Natalie hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts. ‘Here goes,’ she whispered, teasingly, as she kissed me deeply on the lips. I chuckled around the kiss, one hand behind her neck as I leant on my elbow, the other teasing her nipple once more. Her hand ran up my inner thigh, and came to rest, cupping my sack. Gently, she held one ball

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 7

changed. She was wearing a flattering blue mini dress with mocha pantyhose, the dress to short for stockings.I said, “Holy shit, now we have to go to my place so I can change.”We drove to my place and I took in her bag. I looked in my closet and choose a white mini dress with a very flattering neckline. I put on a pair of white pantyhose as well.


So I took my left hand went up her right leg, into her shorts and then over her pussy (but not touching it) to the muscle and continue the massage. She then laid back on the table causing her pussy to now touch my wrist. The bone of my wrist was now pushing into the top part of her pussy. "Oh do I need to go get in the shower," I thought. After a

A Tale of Sibling Differences 2 - Killing Louisa

a brief glimpse of a foot and then one of her arms above the water. He finally grabbed one of her hands then struggled to get her to to the bank, at the same time hearing several powerful bikes roaring across the bridge overhead, away from the town.Once he finally got her out of the river he lay her dripping body on its back, she spluttered

Heaven Scent

to flirt a little. I slowly pulled on the see-through top, all the time facing the curtain. Tom let out a whistle, and said, “gee Eve, you look terrific.”   I did a twirl, and then slowly removed the top.   Tom handed me another top.   As I bent over to get the top, I let my tits dangle in Toms face.   Tom grabbed one in each hand and began to

A Jedi’s Training Ch. 10

of people have difficulty with tight clothing at first.’ As if to prove the point, Cora hooked her thumbs underneath the arm openings of her tank top and stretched the material away from her body. As she did so, Jacen caught a brief glimpse of smooth skin underneath, just before she unhooked her thumbs and let the top snap back into place.

Big Booty Boy Stories: My First Big Black Cock

I meant.”I smile and I say, “Ok, then yea we can be fuck friends.”He says, “Awesome.”My nerves are finally starting to calm down as I’m feeling more relaxed with Mr. Jay than just a minute ago.Mr. Jay undoes his pants and lets them drop down to his knees along with his boxers. His semi-hard big black dick looks like it’s seven or eight long

Clouded Judgement

Joey do with Katrina. He was shoving his Cock into her Mothers Cunt. She was confused that her Dad just lay there stroking his Cock with one hand and rubbing his balls with the other. He not only seemed ok with it but was stroking his Cock faster as the two on screen changed positions. Sarah told Jenny that she noticed an open box by the dresser.

17 and Hot, Part 2

be in her closet. It was an old shirt of her father’s. She rifled through the hanging stuff until she found it, then carried it to her room. Sandy stripped off all but her panties and held the shirt up, considering what to wear with it. Her mother normally wore jeans and generally a bra. You could always tell about the bra - it showed through

Exposing Cindy - Chapter 2 - Bound to be Fucked

close the door. I will send them away when they get here. I will tell them that you are not comfortable with this set up. Is that what you want?" Jim asked in a very serious tone. Jim never forced me to do anything. He wanted my submission; he did not want a slave. And in the end, I always complied. I always submitted to his desires. This time

Asian Amber Picks Ch. 01

to stop at this point or even tell Amber what was approaching. Instead I slowed to get a view but in turn I ended up giving the old stranger a clear view of my sexy topless girlfriend while she had no idea, sitting there with her eyes closed getting finger fucked. I have never seen a guys head swivel so fast, he even dropped the gas can he had in

Kathryn Chronicles: Heading Home Ch. 05

continued gasping. We continued for a minute before she finally announced, ‘I’m cumming!’ I looked over to Kathryn who was masturbating. Maria released my cock and relaxed for a moment. I pulled her out of her seat and sat down and positioning her facing me, lowered her pussy onto my hard cock. She slid on slowly, gasping every inch of the way.

James Finds Trouble - Part II

wouldn’t dare think of coming on my thighs, would you?” Her thumb pushed into my ass. I groaned. “What would I do then? I’d need to buy a riding crop for your ass. Or a cane.” Her thumb buried itself in my ass, her hand clenching and unclenching around my balls, teasing my cock. “Mistress...” With her other hand, she smacked my ass with the

How It All Began

and bed again with my dripping juices, after a while my orgasms subsided. Then barely able to lift my fingers, I stuck them between my lips and sucked them clean, repeating this nasty perverted sex act over and over, and loving the taste of my own sex driven sweet dripping ambiance..........Now, barely able to move I sent the pictures to John

Such is Life 10

moaned into my mouth. She broke the kiss and bent over and slid me into her mouth. I moaned as I watched her suck my cock several times. She released it and stood up staring at it as she stroked me."Ffffffffuck I love, love, llllove your cock baby." She hissed."Mmmmmmmmhhh, it's all yours baby." I whispered as I started thrusting my hips."Yeah?"

mom fucked by tailor

fucked by my dad for a long time. Within a flash, the tailor removed the bra and he started taking the measurements again, my mom by now has started breathing heavily and she was letting out light moans. The tailor taking advantage of the situation decided to take the initiative and started pressing my moms left boobs from behind, and my mom was

Pulling On The Wool

us. Dad was right behind, I saw him looking over Mom’s shoulder. Our positions could be described as delicate, I was doing my best to hold back as long as possible because I was enjoying the hell out of having lots of room and Kathy was actually lifting me clear off the bed, trying to get more of me inside of her. I think he liked seeing Kathy

Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 6, Spindletop

He came to our table and wondered if everything was alright or if we needed anything. Gypsy and I both laughed and answered we were fine. "Gimme your foot Howdy." Gypsy said with a very determined and sexual tone of voice. I kicked off my shoe and slipped it between her legs. Her eyes half closed as my foot made it's way up her smooth thighs. My

Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 3: Part 3

I teased. “You look so sexy mom! I wonder how many more loaves they would sell if you were the ad!”His comment made me giggle out loud. “Well, there’s only one customer’s satisfaction I’m interested in” I shot back. “So, what else are you buying?”I knew this was his way of asking for more, a request I was happy to help with. I scrounged around my

Kim’s Big Night Out

tree a little bit to find it. I could see the top of Kim’s head on the other side of the SUV, but nothing else, so I crept around the side of the hulking vehicle to have a closer look, and was floored at what I saw next. He was fucking her against the garage door, completely out in public, for anyone to see. She would never have done anything

Tasting My Dads Cum

the sun shining on me too. However, then I thought I better not do that now, because that man might see. I looked to the side and I could see his cock. His was so much bigger than mine was. I could see a big vein down the side. It looked strong just like him. I couldn't wait to grow up and be big like him. He was tall, and his cock was just under

The Piper Chapter 6

One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbour’s came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbour’s exclaimed. “Maybe,” replied the old man. The neighbours were upset that the

The Devil's Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 11: The God-King

petty kingdoms. But I crushed them all.Only the damn Eastern Alliance remained to threaten me. Lilith, the Ghost, and the Lord Mayor.Soon they would all be crushed beneath my boot.The woman sobbed as my wife wielded her knife, flaying flesh, blood spurting on her naked, pale skin. My cock hardened. Hannah worked her mouth up and down my cock,

Ian and Brenda Part : 1

and getting used to being married. They received their wedding photos a few days prior to their departure and they were ecstatic over them. Ian took it upon himself to call his mother and told her about their marriage. Understandably upset, but careful not to place blame, she wished them the best and even talked to Brenda for a few minutes. When

The Cruise 3

at the end of my lounger I looked over my book and it was Suzanne and Joanne from the coach trip can we join you Suzanne enquired? Yes feel free I said Suzanne asked if I would like anything I said a latte would be nice and off she went Joanne smiled at me and said she was going for a swim she took off her top and then peeled off her tight denim

A Train Ride to – Love Ch 05

fastening this and straightening that. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut and put meetings and work in his mind. ‘How do I look? Will I do?’ Sarah asked uncertainly. Sam turned and looked at her. ‘You look like you’ve just been kissed!’ he snapped at her in frustration. Her eyes filled with tears and she spread her hands out to the sides

Alex and Katie

want to swim in everything you say. I talked to Alex everyday, but pretty soon it was clear that he was trying so hard to break out of the corporate law profession my father’d set up for both of us and go it on his own that he didn’t have any time for his lawyer-turned-schoolteacher wife. Add to that we were both scared to death about finances

Valerie Lewis

eyes narrowed, nearly black in color. Quickly I discarded his pants, shoes and socks. He stood before me in black silk boxers, his tan body in prime shape, well toned muscles were everywhere, his shoulders, abdomen, legs, back, every thing was purely fuckable. I licked my lips waiting for my next command. Leo brushed his hand through my hair;

Grimoire Chapter I

Friday, so he was able to spend most of the day working on his dissertation, since he didn’t have any classes to teach. He went home in the early evening, ate dinner, and relaxed, trying in vain not to think about the journal. He spent the night watching television, and when midnight rolled around, he went to bed. He pulled the book off the night

RUNAWAY Chapter 18 "Time Alone with Viktor"

sex. It's not a bad thing."He started washing down the back of her legs, "It can even be pleasurable and bring you to orgasm. It can blow your mind."He gently guided her hips to turn her around facing him. He then put more body wash in his hands and stood up and began to soap up the front of her shoulders, collar bone, upper chest and then


ahead, but don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.” I tugged a little harder and I could see the plug begin to emerge from her asshole. It was black and oval, a little smaller than an egg. Another little pull and it reached the critical bulge, the thing shot out of her ass and landed two feet across the bed, her asshole instantly closed

Billionaire's Pleasure Island

buttocks slightly as they were eased down past her thighs. I was licking her erect nipples again and continue to fondle her small firm breasts. Without opening her eyes Oh my God, this was not supposed to happen she now feels completely helpless to stop me!" ...I just couldn't," She pleaded somewhat pointlessly. It was all

Our Game of Life

eyelashes as she looked at him. ‘Thank you, but no. I’m fine.’ She turned and started walking again. Her voice sounded far away. Thunder rumbled somewhere and lightning streaked the sky. He got out of his car, slammed the door and stood in front of her. ‘Wait! I’m not having your tragic death from getting struck by lightning on my conscience.

The Ballad of Firi

dream of her young nomad. His embrace, they swayed in the breeze coming off of the falls. The sway quickened. He was shaking her. Why was he shaking her? Her dream broken and her weary eyes greeting reality her heart jumped with hope! It was really him! He had come to save her. Her worries forgotten, her broken heart at her lost loved ones gone,

Moms chilling boat ride and Hard fuck

Hubby come on fuk me Harder as u can and Haering it He was more wild He mad eHer kneel down and pluked Her Hair pins and Her long Hair pulled down and He ame naer Her moutH and told Her come on bitcH take my cock and now sHe took His cock is Her Hands and sHe removed His foreskin and is so dark and musky odour made Her wild and carzy like a bitcH

Going Home Ch. 01

I have an ugly face,’ she said wishing that she worn more makeup and concealer than she did. She always wanted to have her face done ata department store’s makeup counter but she never had the extra money to buy all of the makeup that they’d no doubt pressure her to buy. ‘What makes your face so very special are your big, expressive, blue eyes.

Closing Caribou with a Bang

backs of her knees. After she bent them, I grabbed onto the backs of her knees with my hands, and used them as leverage to lift her off the ground. Using my body weight to pin her against the bathroom door, I used the backs of her knees to hold her legs in place so that her ankles remained lifted all the way up to her face. From this position, my

Taking advantage

She was obviously very drunk, and had been crying, but despite this she was still outstandingly beautiful, and was wearing a crumpled white blouse, blue striped tie and short pleated dark blue skirt, which I recognised as the uniform of the local school. I'm sure her skirt can't have complied with the schools requirements as it was exceptionally

A Ghost of a Chance

half closed eyes as he moved up over her. ‘Maybe I’ll fuck your ass to baby.’ He growled as he let his cock slide into her. ‘Mmmmm…’ Melinda moaned as she felt him fill her. In some ways it was like sitting down in a cold bath but at the same time she was so hot after the orgasms she had that she wanted more. ‘Oh Maxwell, fuck me, make me cum

Friendly Concern

with blue eyes and golden hair, while Veronica and I were dark as the night. Even in grade school we knew we were going to be friends all our lives. It hurt knowing that it was not possible any more. ‘I know. I love John like a brother, but if he has cheated on her I will rip him apart with my bare hands and bury him two different counties. I

Becoming Masters Kitten (Chapter 2)

did not tell his little slut that she could touch the very thing that will be used to deliver her punishment today!” you say as you walk back into the room. “Damn, caught again!” I think to myself. “How in the hell am I will I ever get through this? Playful slaps on the ass during a fuck session is nothing compared to what I have coming. What in

Falling Ch. 02

much effort to restrain Stacey when she rolled off the bed, so I went back to fingering my sloppy slit and admired the play of her naked body as she walked across the room. God she was gorgeous, I mused, feeling the passion start to mount inside me again when she turned to blow a kiss before picking up her cell. She was insatiable, but I’d